The successful introduction of a new memory technology and standard requires the commitment of dedicated partners, including memory manufacturers, controller designers, and systems companies. Join us in developing and promoting the next-generation Flash memory for mass storage applications—HLNAND.


NOVACHIPS provides Flash semiconductor solutions. NOVACHIPS offers a SATA 6Gbps interface SSD controller and IP cores in SSD, USB and ECC, and will release a hybrid SSD controller compatible with SATA3, USB3 and PCIe. Please visit


INDILINX is a fabless semiconductor company that provides high-performance SSD controllers for consumer mobile devices such as Smartphones, and the retail, industrial, military, enterprise and OEM markets. Please visit


Winpac focuses on semiconductor packaging and device testing. Founded in 2002, Winpac specializes in Fine pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packaging and the Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) method. Please visit


PaxDisk designs and manufactures SSD controllers and finished SSDs for the commercial, industrial and military markets. PaxDisk offers high reliability, high stability products with multiple interfaces for different applications and capacities. Please visit